Nourished By Nature in Nelson, New Zealand, offers holistic health, wellbeing and nutrition advice.

Transform Your Health

Don't put up with poor health. Get help to isolate the cause & find solutions so you can get back to being your best YOU.
Nourished By Nature in Nelson, New Zealand, offers holistic health, wellbeing and nutrition advice.

Need to Detox?

Feeling run down, tired, or stressed? A detox might be just what you need.
Daisy Doppenberg from Nourished By Nature offers a range of essential oils and flower essences to help support your health and wellbeing.

Therapeutic Oils & Creams

NEW! Now you can choose your own flower essences to create a remedy that is uniquely for you.

It's Time to Take Control of Your Health

Holistic, Personalised Nutrition

Using a combination of nutritional advice, functional & clinical testing, lifestyle advice & natural supplements where recommended, we work one-on-one with you in clinic or via video consultations to help you thrive and feel your best.

Ways We Can Help



In-person and video options available

Take control of your health, vitality and wellbeing.

<center>Healthy Recipes</center>

Healthy Recipes

Hard copy books and downloadable pdfs

Healing, nourishing & delicious, easy to make recipes.

<center>Oils and Creams</center>

Oils and Creams

Choose a popular blend or make your own

Natural help with pain, sleep, anxiety, motivation, and more.

Functional Testing

Why We Offer Tests

An imbalance of hormones, nutrients, or a build up of toxins can be a contributing factor to why you are not feeling 100%.

An in-depth consultation will determine if tests could help us get to the bottom of what is causing your symptoms.


Once your symptoms are isolated, we use blood tests, saliva tests, stool tests, urine tests and hair analysis tests as needed.

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Personalised Nutrition Plan

Everyone one of us is unique. Therefore, your health plan is created according to YOUR symptoms and needs.

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Types of Tests

We use a range of tests to help us get to the bottom of your symptoms.
These are a few of the tests we offer.

Say Goodbye <p>To Stress</p>

Say Goodbye

To Stress

Many of us live in a constant state of stress from finances, relationships, health, family and work. The current state of events isn't helping either. The right nutrition can help you handle the effects of stress better.

More Ways We Can Help

Massage Oils

Therapeutic massage oils designed to help keep you balanced, calm, or help with motivation. Now you can also create unique blends just for you.

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Personalised Plans

Once you have a grasp of what is causing your health issues, we create a personalised health plan to help you manage and improve your health.

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Detox Program

Our Cellular Detox Program does not use an array of pills & potions. Just beautiful healthy foods to cleanse and nourish your body. With the option to intensify the cleanse according to your needs.

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Nutritional Consultation

After having been diagnosed with diabetes, I felt lost and didn’t get the needed support.

I was impressed by Daisy's knowledge and she was friendly and patient with me. 

She guided me onto the right path and still now when I have a question or feel lost I know she’ll give me the help I need. 

Phil PMurchison

Food Intolerance Test

After an initial consult, Daisy recommended a Food Intolerance Test to find out where my symptoms were coming​ from. The test came up with several intolerances. 

She put me on an easy to follow program to eliminate all the reactant foods and heal my gut.

I am feeling amazing, can eat all foods again and would recommend her to anyone with tummy upsets.

Christine DBlenheim

Monthly Recipe Packs

As a single dad of three kids I have little time to cook a big fancy meal. 

The monthly recipe packs give me lots of ideas on what to cook. 

The recipes are easy to follow, don't contain crazy, hard to find ingredients and the kids love them, which is a bonus.

Charles SNew Plymouth

Hair Analysis

Daisy explained the hair analysis results well and gave me a way forward on how to improve my health with food and natural health products.

I take several supplements and medications. Daisy has a great knowledge on which supplements I can and cannot safely take with my medications.

My experience has been very positive, I shall continue to get her advice whenever I’m feeling under par.

Rachael WRichmond

Goal-Focused Recipe Packs

I was living on protein shakes and meat while body building. It seemed the only way to get enough protein into my diet but my gut was suffering badly.

I have used recipes from the High Protein Recipe Pack for the last 3 months. Now that I'm getting the right amount of protein I am building muscle without the bloating and stomach pains. And I have way more energy.

Would recommend them to anyone training.

Dallas WAuckland