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I really found Hannah very helpful. I have one very fussy three year old who's bad habits are now starting to trend onto my one year old, so I was desperate for help. Any help really, but practical advice which is exactly what I got with step by step instructions on how to introduce or reintroduce foods.

Claire B.

Hannah has helped me gain confidence to make better choices and plan ahead to increase my daughter's range of food she enjoys. I feel more patient in dealing with my daughter. Thanks so much!!

Sarah P.

Thanks to Hannah I have become more confident with introducing new foods to my son. The other day he asked to try some cashew nuts. This may seem small for some people, but this was a huge step forward for Mr 4, as he would never ask to try something in the past.

Nina B.

After working with Hannah we began to approach mealtime with a new attitude and some new techniques to try. We now have our lovely family dinner time again with only the occasional refusal. Mealtimes are back on track and stress free.

Steven G.

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