IgG Food Intolerance Test

The IgG Food Intolerance Test is a scientific blood serum test to detect food allergies that can be conveniently taken in clinic.

We don’t have to send off a sample and wait for weeks to receive results from a testing laboratory.

Simple, safe, accurate and fast, Food Detective is the world’s first in-clinic test for food intolerance.

A small blood sample is taken from a finger-prick and is then diluted and added to the testing tray where the process starts.

The blood test results and a personal health plan will be sent to you within seven working days.

Which foods are tested?


Corn, durum wheat, gluten, oats, rice, rye, and wheat.

Nuts & Beans

Almond, brazil nut, cashew, cocoa bean, peanut, legumes (pea, lentil, haricot), soy bean, and walnut.


Beef, chicken, lamb, and pork.


Freshwater fish (salmon, trout), shellfish (shrimp, prawn, crab, lobster, and mussel), tuna, and white fish (haddock, cod, and plaice).


Broccoli, cabbage, carrot, celery, cucumber, leek, peppers (red, green, yellow), potato.


Apple, blackcurrant, grapefruit, melons (cantaloupe, water melon), olive, orange, lemon, strawberry, and tomato.


Egg (whole), cows milk, garlic, ginger, mushroom, tea, yeast.

Interesting side note

Most people think that you are born with a food intolerance, but this is not always the case. Sometimes our bodies are so overburdened by environmental toxins, excess hormones and other pollutants, that over time our immune system starts to 'over react' to things that it would normally easily cope with. 

Adult-onset-intolerances are common and can range from pollen, to peanuts, to dairy and everything in between. Depending on the severity and cause, after a period of elimination, healing the gut or strengthening the immune system, those foods can often be re-introduced and you can once again tolerate them. 

How much does it cost

IgG Food Intolerance Tests cost $295. This includes the $70.00 follow-up consultation.

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