Daisy Doppenberg, Nutritionist, Nourished By Nature

Hi there!

My name is Daisy. I am a functional health practitioner and qualified nutritionist and have a passion for natural health and living. So, how did I get started?

After college I was drawn to psychology and sociology. After a year I’d seen enough and wanted something more hands-on, and in the medical field, so I chose to get into nursing. For 13 years I worked in several different health settings. Mental health, geriatrics, medical and specialist child care.

My oldest daughter had "tummy trouble" from a very young age. We were in and out of hospital for years, not knowing what was wrong. She had an array of tummy and inflammatory issues, had no energy and could not put on weight. 

At the age of eight she got to the point where the inflammation was out of control and she needed several surgeries to resection her intestines and it was only then that we finally got a diagnosis. This motivated me to dive into the world of nutrition.

While I studied to become a clinical nutritionist, I volunteered as an ambulance officer for St John. After volunteering for St John I started working in natural health shops since 2016 where I learned a lot about natural supplements and the do’s and don’t of supplementation.

I finished a Diploma in Aromatherapy and will use essential oils and essential oil infused products on the side, where appropriate, in my practice.

At the present moment I am working at Health & Herbs in Richmond two days a week and work with clients in my practice in Nelson four days a week.

I am diving deeper into studies regarding functional testing & specialist nutrition at the moment. It's possible I may be a little addicted to study. I don’t think my curiosity will ever be satisfied so… we’ll keep studying until the brain is full! 😊

Love & Kindness
Nutritionist, Functional Health Practitioner