Capturing Success

I am going to attack the subject of success. How we define success more specifically. Now obviously I use what I’m about to talk about in the context of nutrition and exercise – however in a more generalised way we can use it to focus on any part of our lives.

How do you define success?

I think like goal setting we tend to lump things together – and this is what gets us into trouble. Either we are successful as a parent/in our career/with our diet and exercise or not.

Maybe you just look to be successful overall. However, very infrequently do we actually breakdown our components of success.

Let’s look at it from a nutrition standpoint

Instead of marking your day as a success if you kept to a certain calorie limit, or you managed to ward off the temptation of sweet foods, or whatever your weak point be – what about looking at it in terms of small wins?

Today I managed to walk past the biscuit tin without taking a biscuit out once. WIN!

Today I remembered to refill my water bottle when I went to the photocopier. WIN!

Today I brought my lunch to work with me rather than buying it from the café. WIN!

So you ended up eating the scraps off your kids’ plates at dinner or you demolished the rest of the ice cream after wrestling your children into bed and telling them the 4th bedtime story for the night.

Brush it off…that will be your win for tomorrow…or next week.

And you can see how this ties into goal setting, as success markers also need to be broken down and accomplished slowly.

What about parenting wins?

Again – small success stories add up to bigger, more sustainable ones, in the longer term.

Did you manage to pre-prepare dinner tonight instead of ordering in takeout at the last minute? Did you get everyone sitting at the table together? Did the TV go off during mealtime today? Did Miss Three eat one piece of carrot tonight?...ok she got confused and thought she was eating a sweet potato chip...but she still ate it!

It is all about being realistic and staying motivated.

Yes there is a bigger picture you are moving towards, but right now let’s give ourselves permission to celebrate the 1km block walk we fitted in at lunch time rather than commiserate that you are not running 10km yet.

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