Image of small pink flowers in bottles. Nourished By Nature creates blends of the 38 Bach Flowers to suit your own health and wellbeing needs.

Bach Flowers

There are 38 flower essences in the Bach remedy system. All of these were discovered by Dr Edward Bach, who was a well-known physician, pathologist, and bacteriologist. He designed the remedies to be easy to use and safe for anyone including children and even pets.

Each remedy is associated with a basic human emotion. Mimulus, for example, is for when we are anxious or afraid about something specific. Taking the remedy helps us overcome our fear and face it with courage.

The remedies are in liquid form so that you can mix together the remedies you need to help balance your current emotional situation. It is well known that healing on an emotional level has knock-on effects on other levels. A healthy emotional life and a balanced personality will allow your body to find its own natural state of health.

The Emotional Groups 

Bach flowers are separated into seven emotional groups:

Fear (Orange)

  • Rock Rose
  • Mimulus
  • Cherry Plum
  • Aspen
  • Red Chestnut

Uncertainty (Yellow)

  • Cerato
  • Scleranthus
  • Gentian
  • Gorse
  • Hornbeam
  • Wild Oat 

Lack of Interest in Present Time (Blue)

  • Clematis
  • Honeysuckle
  • Wild Rose
  • Olive
  • White Chestnut
  • Mustard
  • Chestnut Bud

Loneliness (Violet)

  • Water Violet
  • Impatiens
  • Heather

Over-Sensitivity to Influences & Ideas (Green)

  • Agrimony
  • Centaury
  • Walnut
  • Holly

Despondency or Despair (Red)

  • Larch
  • Willow
  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Elm
  • Crab Apple
  • Sweet Chestnut
  • Star of Bethlehem 

Over-Care for Welfare of Others (Indigo)

  • Chicory
  • Beech
  • Vervain
  • Rock Water
  • Vine

Bach Flower Safety

Bach flower remedies are safe for use by anyone. They are completely natural and non-habit forming.

They can be used during a period of stress, feeling unsettled or in need of emotion balance or over a long period of time to manage feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and managing unwanted/unbalanced emotions.

The essences can help us improve our emotional and mental state, thus balancing the body and mind.

Flower essence blends are wonderful to have in your handbag or on your bedside table so you have access as soon as you feel that you need a little support emotionally.

How to Pick the Right Essences

You can create your own flower essence blend to suit your own unique needs. To find out which remedies fit your personality and emotions, have a look at the chart below. 

Think about what is causing you to feel sad, stressed, anxious, angry for example – see negative section.

Then think about how you want to feel instead – see positive section.

You can choose up to seven essences within your blend, however this isn’t a necessity. If only two or three resonate with you, then that is perfectly fine. 

Bach Flower Chart 


Used to Treat



Rock Rose Fright, panic attacks, terror, hysteria. Courage, calm state of mind, put things into perspective. Fearlessness.
Mimulus Fear of everyday things, illness, pain, accident or misfortune. Fear or anxiety about something specific. Bravery and courage.
Cherry Plum Fear of losing control of mind, emotions, or body. Suicidal tendencies, temper tantrums. Mental calm. Composure.
Aspen Vague, unknown fears, terrors or nightmares. Anxious but don't know why. Trust in the unknown. Reassurance.
Red Chestnut Concern or fear about welfare of others, thinking that something unfortunate may happen. (Particularly loved ones.) Rational concern, remain calm without anxiety. Peace of mind.


Cerato Self-doubt, indecision. Seeking advice from others. Confidence in one's own decisions.
Scleranthus Indecision, mood swings, tend not to discuss with others. Quick decisions with no dilemmas. Decisiveness.
Gentian Easily discouraged, dependent and self-doubtful. Despondency from set back/s. Determination. Encouragement.
Gorse Hopelessness, despair, given up hope. Renewed hope.
Hornbeam Procrastination. Renewed energy. Resolve.
Wild Oat Dissatisfaction, indecision, uncertainty as to correct path in life. Purposefulness, decisiveness. Direction.

Lack of Interest in Present Time

Clematis Daydreaming, lack of concentration Brings down to earth. Focus.
Honeysuckle Living in the past. Involvement in the present.
Wild Rose Resigned, apathetic. Disinterested. Spirit of joy. Enthusiasm.
Olive Mental and physical exhaustion. More energy. Rejuvenation.
White Chestnut Obsessive and worrying thoughts that seem impossible to control. Peace of mind and tranquility.
Mustard Inexplicable sadness, gloom and despair. Like a black cloud. Unsure why you have those feelings. Clarity of thought. Brightness.
Chestnut Bud Inability to learn from mistakes. 
Repetition of mistakes and experiences. 
Ability to learn from mistakes. Insight.


Water Violet Proud and aloof. Like your own company but sometimes feel lonely. Calm, serene and more approachable.
Impatiens Impatient and irritated with the slow pace of others. Patience.
Heather Preoccupied and concerned for self. Talkative. Good listener, empathy, tranquility.

Over-Sensitivity to Influences & Ideas

Agrimony Hiding troubles behind humour Self-acceptance and inner joy. Openness.
Centaury People who find it difficult to say no. Assertiveness, ability to follow one's own path.
Walnut Unable to break links with the past (transitions in life). Easily influenced. Protection from change and outside influences.
Holly Overcome by anger, jealousy, envy, etc. Assertiveness, ability to follow own path. Goodwill.

Despondency or Despair

Larch Feelings of inadequacy, lack of self-confidence. Confidence.
Willow Resentful, self-pity, bitterness. Ability to forgive and forget. In control.
Pine Guilt and self-blame. Relief of guilty feelings. Forgiveness.
Oak Never gives up, keeps going even when rest is needed. Admit limitations. Strength.
Elm You feel overwhelmed by your many responsibilities. Strength to perform. Support.
Crab Apple Self-disgust, low self-esteem, a feeling of contamination. Self-acceptance.
Sweet Chestnut Anguish. At the end of your endurance. Optimism and peace of mind.
Star of Bethlehem Distress and unhappiness due to shock or trauma (timeless). Comfort and consolation.

Over-Care for Welfare of Others

Chicory Over-concern for others, possessiveness. Love and caring. Release.
Beech Intolerant, over-critical perfectionists. See more good in the world. Tolerance.
Vervain Fixed opinions, need to convert those around them, over-enthusiastic. Peace and tranquility. Relax and unwind.
Rock Water Strictness and self-denial. Understanding. Flow.
Vine Always think they are right. Can be directional and overbearing. Patient leader. Inspire.

Can I Take Flower Essences While Taking Medications?

Yes, they are safe, natural, have no side effects and will not interfere with medications or supplements taken.

How Do I Take My Flower Remedy?

For acute use when unexpectedly experiencing feelings emotional distress:
Acute Dose
4 drops or 2 sprays every 15 minutes.
For daily use to support your emotions and mental balance:
Daily Dose
4 drops or 2 sprays, 3x per day.

Shall I Choose a Dropper or Spray?

I recommend using a dropper if you leave it at home as you can add the drops to a glass of water or if using it to help your pet, you can add the drops to your pet’s drinking water.
I recommend using a spray if you want to carry it with you as you will be able to use it anytime you need.